Types and care tulips

Tulips are considered one of the most beautiful flowers in the world thanks to their beauty and captivating color. When you buy tulips, you are taking home a species that belongs to the lily family and that grows strongly in much of Europe, especially in the Netherlands, has special characteristics and produces 6-petal flowers that have great ornamental value.

The tulip is known throughout the world and has a special meaning for fans of decorative plants because it is characterized by its exceptional beauty. Sending tulips represents a great detail because they are capable of giving life to any environment and are a demonstration of elegance and sophistication.

We can find tulips all year round, but the season where they are in all their splendor is during spring, from the end of March to the beginning of May. The bulbs offered by tulips have generated a great variety, currently there are more than 5000 species.

Find out which one to choose when buying tulips

The tulip can grow in pots and offers certain facilities for its cultivation, more and more people dedicate themselves to the exciting task of making them grow. Tulip bouquets are very popular and among the great variety that exists there are some that stand out and we could say that they are the favorites.

There are more than 200 registered hybrids and depending on their type, solid colored tulips are obtained that can be yellow, red, white or black; others can combine colors and various shades are seen on their petals. Here are some of the most popular varieties:

Tulip Parrot

Its petals have a color that is intense at the height of the stem and becomes much paler towards the tip. Normally, they develop a flower on each stem and remain close together while they have more exposure to sunlight, this type of tulip has very striking colors and its shape at the tips can be compared to fringes.

Gesnerian tulip

It has a very sweet and striking aroma, its smell is the characteristic that makes it popular. This variety is very resistant to the coldest winters and has a great capacity for growth and flowering if it receives a period of low temperature; there are cases in which contact with this variety produces dermatitis.

Clusian tulip

This represents one of the oldest tulips, when you buy tulips of this species you will have a flower native to Iran, the Himalayas and Tibet. They develop a very bright color between yellow and cream on the inside and reddish on the outside. It grows between rocks and does not need watering during the summer.

The essentials for growing tulips

If you want to give tulips as a gift you can do it in the form of a bouquet or give away tulip bulbs, when choosing them they must be firm and belong to the same variety. It is best to plant them before the first frosts, this flower grows more easily in sunny areas without excessive humidity.

You do not have to prepare the ground, the truth is that tulips grow in different soils and are easy to grow, try to plant them about 20 cm deep with a separation of 7 cm between each bulb.

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