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Valentine's Day is celebrated every February 14. It is a holiday where lovers give each other gifts to remember and celebrate their love. However, not everyone knows the curious origins of this tradition and the hidden symbolism behind the Valentine flowers.

In this article I am going to tell you the story of Valentine's Day and then review the best Valentine's gifts for your partner.

Valentine's Day Story

The history of Valentine's Day is hidden behind centuries of mystery and unanswered questions. The patron saint of this celebration is Saint Valentine who lived in Rome in the third century. During this historical period, Claudius II, the Roman emperor, had prohibited Christianity and, consequently, the celebration of marriage.

Saint Valentine of Rome, despite the ban, married lovers in prison dungeons. Claudio, when he found out, had him captured and ended up in prison. According to historians of the time, the daughter of the judge who was to determine the fate of Valentine was blind, so the saint prayed for God to restore his sight.

Claudius II ordered that he be beheaded on February 14. During his transfer to the main square of the city, Valentin gave the blind girl a piece of paper with a simple phrase written on it: “Your Valentine”. This is considered the first Valentine's gift in history.

When he opened it, he was able to read what it contained because his blindness had been cured. As a way of thanking her, Julia planted an almond tree in honor of Valentín. Since then, this tree has symbolized love and friendship and has been associated with the idea of ​​giving flowers on Valentine's Day.

The other Valentine's story

However, the mysterious origin of the celebration is not fully resolved. There is another stream of historians who believe that Valentine's Day and gifts have a pagan origin. The Catholic Church sought to displace a pagan celebration known as Lupercalia that was celebrated between February 13 and 15.

Lupercalia was a festival dedicated to fertility, the Roman god of agriculture, and the founders, Romulus and Remus. The celebration was based on the sacrifice of a goat that represented fertility and the sacrifice of a dog that represented purity.

Blood, a fundamental part of Valentine's or Lupercalia gifts, is taken to the fields to contribute to the fertility of the land and women. In addition, the singles of the city united for a year to guarantee births.

Who is cupid?

Cupid is usually present in Valentine's home gifts. Surely you are wondering what its origin is and if it has any relationship with the origin of the tradition. Do not worry, then I am going to explain some curiosities about this cute figure.

Cupid, the main figure in so many Valentine's gifts, was a Roman god with roots in Eros, the Greek god of love. According to myth, Eros was a handsome god who played on the emotions of mortals and gods alike, using golden arrows to incite love or hate as he pleased. It was only recently in the Hellenic period that the image of a chubby angel was adopted on Valentine's flower cards.

Why is it common to give flowers on Valentine's Day?

February 14 is a popular festival and a unique opportunity to celebrate love and send flowers for Valentine's Day in Mallorca regardless of religion or sexual orientation.

Many symbols can be found to represent love, however, flowers are one of the most common Valentine's gifts and have even become a tradition.

During the 17th century, Valentine flowers and specifically red roses were adopted as the symbol of love. The origin of this custom is related to the idea that roses were the favorite flowers of Venus, the Roman god of love, since they represented powerful feelings.

Although with a little research we can find a little more history behind this tradition of Valentine's gifts. During the 18th century, gifts were used to communicate non-verbal messages and, in Sweden, Charles II assigned a particular meaning to each flower in order to secretly communicate with other people.

Give flowers on Valentine's Day

The origin of giving flowers on Valentine's Day is fascinating and takes us back to different times in history. However, it remains to be seen which flowers are the best for Valentine's Day gifts. For this we are going to review the meanings of the colors of roses and other flowers.


Roses are one of the best options to send flowers for Valentine's Day in Mallorca. Each color has a unique and particular meaning that will allow you to express your feelings:

· Pink: If you need to give flowers on Valentine's Day that express love and gratitude, pink roses are your best option to surprise your partner.

· Red: This color represents romance and passionate love. They are the most traditional way of expressing love.

· White: White is associated with purity and marriage. They are, without a doubt, the color to consider if you are also looking to make a proposal during February 14.

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